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Gregory James Photo, LLC. is a Florida and North Carolina based family run business, 

Gregory is a well-known Commercial, Advertising, Products, Fashion, Wedding, Sports, Food, Lifestyle, Architectural, Interiors, Fitness and Bodybuilding Photographer/Director.

Jessica, Greg's wife is a Producer, Art Director, Food Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist. 

  New York, California

Welcome To The Official Website of Commercial Photographer Gregory James



Whether it's for Personal, Commercial, Advertising or Editorial

"Photography is a LUXURY SERVICE 

It's not just about the PRICE, It's the QUALITY, KNOWLEDGE and overall EXPERIENCE and most of all, the SERVICE that you bring to your clients!"


Gregory James is a award-winning commercial photographer/director published worldwide with advertising and editorial.  Recognized by top publishers, advertising agencies and editor-in-chiefs as one of the world's leading photographers in his industry. With over tens of thousands of his images published and hundreds of covers later he still sees himself just as a guy with a camera who takes pictures for a living.


For the past decade he has been the Chief/Senior Photographer for several of the leading publishing companies around the globe. Shooting anywhere from Fashion, Weddings, Products, Advertising, Architecture, Interiors, Food, Editorial Layouts, Beauty, Fitness and Bodybuilding, to filming and directing videos for web series and mainstream commercials. Gregory’s personal strengths are his attention to detail and his ability to understand light. His personal motto is that if you are going to be a professional commercial photographer you should be able to shoot anything that your clients hire you for.  

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We are taking our skills from shooting publications and putting them into shooting weddings. Shooting the wedding of your dreams the exact same way we would if we were shooting for a publication. If you want the LOOK and QUALITY that you see in the Wedding and Fashion Magazines this is what to EXPECT from us and nothing less.

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