Wedding Photography is a LUXURY SERVICE


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Gregory James Photo LLC. is a family run business.  Gregory is a well-known Commercial Photographer/Director.  He specializes in Advertising, Fashion, Weddings, Food, Fitness, Bodybuilding, Glamour and Celebrity Photography. Jessica, Greg's wife is a Producer, Art Director, Food Stylist, Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist.  We are taking our skills from shooting publications and putting them into shooting weddings. Shooting the wedding of your dreams the exact same way we would if we were shooting for a publication. If you want the LOOK and QUALITY that you see in the Wedding and Fashion Magazines this is what to EXPECT from us and nothing less.

Thanks for stopping by our page, it would be an honor to photograph one of your most important days. We are a non-discriminatory photography team. We do not care what religion you are, what ethnicity you are, who you are marrying. We are professionals and treat clients as such. Here is a little more information about Gregory James Media Group, Gregory and Jessica James are a husband and wife team. We are not your typical wedding photographers. Although we have shot hundreds of weddings, unlike most photographers in the wedding industry our background comes from commercial and editorial photography. We sympathize with you when it comes to trying to find an amazing trustworthy photographer. Unlike most photographers in the wedding industry in this day and age where everyone considers themselves a photographer and it's nearly impossible to find and trust a real photographer with one of your most important days. Who do you trust and how do you find one, when you have photography enthusiasts out there who wake up one morning and say, "Hey I want to be a professional photographer, let's go to Best Buy and get a camera. And now lets charge people and I can be called a professional." LOL, That is not us! Anybody can get lucky and take a good photo. The difference between a professional and an amateur is you need to be able to take that so-called “luck” and get that quality shot right every time. That is not luck, it is called skill which comes with experience.

Gregory James is a world-renowned commercial photographer recognized as one of the world’s leading photographers in the fitness industry and one of the most published with over 1,000 covers and over 50,000 editorial layouts to his credit. Being the Chief Photographer for over 10 of the top publications worldwide and also with mainstream clients under his belt for example such as Vanity Fair, Vogue, Target, Macy's, Wal-Mart, Dior, just to name a few. Even though he is known more for his fitness photography, 90% of his work is in fashion and lifestyle. He is a master at shooting fashion, food, products, lifestyle, editorial, etc. You name it he has done it! That brings us to weddings. Weddings are all of that combined into one day. With weddings, you want to be able to trust your photographer and not worry about if they are getting the best shots. You just want to be able to enjoy your special day. Jessica, Greg’s wife is a producer, art director, professional hair and makeup artist.

We have heard so many unfortunate stories from couples that it has taken forever to get their photos, and even when they do get them they are not to their satisfaction or just plain horrible, out of focus, missing shots, or lack of personality and direction from the photographer. Well, not here, we guarantee you won’t have to worry about any of that and you will have fun on your special day. If you don't know how to pose, feel uncomfortable, or camera shy, don't worry about it, Gregory is a master at directing talent. YOU WANT EPIC TIMELESS PHOTOGRAPHS THAT CAPTURE YOUR SPECIAL DAY, LOOK NO FURTHER!

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What to expect on the day of your shoot: Never have to worry about us being late. We always have a second shooter no matter what, so you never miss a moment. Sometimes we will even have a BTS videographer filming the photographer shooting the wedding (If the couple permits.) We always have top of the line equipment with backups. We have a 24-hour turnaround on images color corrected in high res. If you want your images retouched as you see in all of the fashion magazines please allow 48-hour turn around after you have made your selects.

We look forward to hearing from you. We know that this decision is a big one when it comes to choosing a photographer, let us rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.


On another note, If you are a bridezilla, you need not apply. LOL! But seriously we don't want to hear from you!

Best Regards,

Jessica and Greg

"Photography is a LUXURY SERVICE 

It's not just about the PRICE, It's the QUALITY,  KNOWLEDGE and overall EXPERIENCE and most of all, the SERVICE that you bring to your clients!"


-Gregory James

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